Wireless Stereo Headphones Bluetooth 4.2

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10 piece shipper only takes up 6x6 inches: Wireless stereo Bluetooth 4.2 headphones are compatible with all smart phones, including those from Apple, Samsung, and Android, among many others. Package also includes micro charging cable, 3 sizes of earbud cushions: small, medium, and large size earbuds, as well as instructions. Perfect for phone calls and listening to music. Able to answer and end calls, turn volume up and down, pause and play music, and change songs. 


Product Manual & Instructions for Bluetooth Headphones

CORA Headphones - Bluetooth 4.2

General Instructions & Functions:

Power ON / OFF: Press the middle  button for 3-4 seconds (blue / red light will flash, followed by a "power on / off” voice from the headphones)

Pair with a Phone or Device: Make sure Bluetooth functionality is enabled on your phone or device, and your headphones are turned off. Hold the middle  button on your headset for 5 seconds until a red and blue light is flashing. For more info, see below section for more detailed pairing instructions.

Play / Pause: Press middle  button to play and again to pause

Volume Up / Down: Press “+” for volume up, press “-” for volume down

Previous / Next Song or Track: Press & hold “-” button for 1 second for previous song/track, press & hold “+” button 1 second for the next song/track

Answer / End Call: Press the middle  button once

Reject Call: When ringing, press the middle  button twice to reject call

Mute / Unmute: When talking, press the middle  button twice


How to Pair Headphones to a Phone or Device:

Pairing means connecting two Bluetooth devices to communicate with each other when in relatively close proximity.

  • Make sure the Bluetooth function on your phone or device is turned on (Most phones have this in “Settings”).
  • While your Headphones are turned OFF, hold the middle button on your headphones for 5 seconds until a red and blue light is flashing.
  • On your phone, select the CORA Headphones option from the list of devices found by your phone.
  • If requested, enter the Bluetooth PIN 0000 to pair and connect the headset to your phone (not usually needed).


How to Charge Headphones:

  • Connect the included micro charging cable to the charging socket on the headset, and plug the other end into a standard USB power source.
  • During charging, the indicator light will tum red.
  • When the headset is fully charged, the red indicator light changes to blue.

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