Floor Display: All $9.99 Consumer Electronics [80 Charging & Audio Accessory Products]

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*Please read: Minimum Order of 6 unless you contact us first (6 x $400 = $2,400 cost  |  50% margin). Please email us at info@coracellular.com or call us at 800.544.2360 if you would like to order this floor display product. Shipping typically requires a pallet, so we ask you to please contact us first!*

Every Item Suggested Retail: $9.99 (higher at your discretion)

Comes Fully Assembled

Free Shipping within the continental US

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Optional locks & keys for added security

Returns to Store are Not Necessary - Cora 1 Year Warranty

Products in this display cover 99% of smart phones in the USA

80 Products with Retail Prices Totaling $800 - $1200

80 Piece Smart Phone Accessory Floor Display with 11 Popular Items:

  • Headphones with Microphone (Universal 3.5mm Audio Jack - 4 Different Colors)
  • Car & Wall Chargers for Apple iPhone 
  • Car & Wall Chargers for Micro Devices (Legacy Android & Samsung Devices)
  • Car & Wall Chargers for USB-C Devices (New Android & Samsung Devices)
  • 10 Foot Lightning Charging Cables for Apple iPhone
  • 10 Foot Micro Charging Cables (for Legacy Android & Samsung)
  • 10 Foot USB-C Charging Cables (for New Android & Samsung) 
  • 10 Foot Auxiliary Cable (Audio to Audio)

Display Size: 14 inches wide x 5 feet tall (+6 inches with signage)

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